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One of the largest lead generators in the real estate market in the CIS.

Densure is a team of professionals who specialize in performance marketing in the real estate industry.

What are we doing?

We have created our own platform that allows you to find potential real estate clients and then convert them into a call or application for your residential property.

Why choose us?

We are concerned about the quality of our product, so our work does not end at the call transfer stage.

Unlike most, we:

We always check whether there was contact with the customer and duplicate the translation if necessary.

We count only targeted requests when there was contact with a really interested client.

We conduct periodic quality checks on our leads, identifying site visits and purchases.

What is unique about us?


We have built our own analytics system based on a large amount of accumulated data: calls, requests, user behavior, reactions to promotional materials.


It allows us to create our own segments for advertising and select the audience that is most relevant to the one that is interested in the customer's object.


Deeper integration into the customer's processes allows us to analyze the consumer not only in terms of the call, but also his further actions.

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We are always ready to provide insane results.

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